Unwired Edge Console

Adding a device

Login into the Unwired Edge Cloud Console at this URL, then click the DEVICE MANAGEMENT button.

On the bottom-right corner, click on the big + button, then on Create Device.

You will be prompted with this popup:

Please fill out the form from top to bottom with:

  • Mac address, you can find this one on the labels on your device, or on the box it came in

  • Name, your choice

  • Parent group, again; your choice

  • Device Type, refer to the device docs.

Your device will be registered and try to connect to the Unwired Edge Cloud. If successful it will appear in your Edge Console just like in this image; Status is a bright green checkmark, indicating your device is online and ready.

Add a custom APN configuration to a device


With the wrong settings you might take your device offline and need to reset it to factory settings.


The APN and its login credentials (if any) are specific to your mobile operator contract and can usually be found in the contract information of your operator. If you are unsure about the settings please contact your mobile operator and ask for the correct settings for your contract, reach out to your project manager or send an email to support@unwired.at.

  • Go to the device details page custom_apn_settings

  • Choose the correct SIM slot with the correct SIM card

  • Edit the APN field (The information needed should be provided by your operator)

  • Use the correct (if needed) credential method and credential information for your SIM card (The information needed should be provided by your operator)

  • (scroll down) Click on the save button close-save