API introduction

The API is the main centerpiece of the Unwired Edge Cloud and is able to control all features and aspects of the service.

The main feature blocks are:

  • Authz -> authentication and authorization

  • DM -> device management

    • management of devices and organizing them into groups

    • management of device configuration (incl. access to Unwired managed data center services)

    • monitoring and telemetry of devices (incl. fleet map monitor with modem signal data)

    • container management

    • rollout and lifecycle management of firmware updates

    • rollout and lifecycle management of containers and their updates

    • network configurations devices not running Unwired Edge Cloud OS

  • WiFi -> public WiFi management

    • create and author captive portal pages/splashpages for public WiFi portals

    • assign splashpages to device groups to be visible there

    • web analytics

    • reports for public WiFi analytics

Web Console

It can be accessed through the Unwired Edge Cloud Console Developer Tools.

Automation access

API keys can be used to access the API and can be created in the System configuration component of each customer account through the UI.


Specific roles allow access to specific API features in a read-write or read-only manner. Both users and API keys are bound to specific roles to limit their access scope.