Introduction Text feeds


Unwired’s central cloud services request feed data over HTTPS from specific feed sources described by an HTTPS URL. The data is then preprocessed and distributed to both Access Points (in case of Unwired Cloud access points with offline capabilities) or Unwired central cloud splash pages (in case of regular Unwired Cloud access points).

General specs HTTPS requests

URL and feed requirements:

  • HTTPS (from publicly verifiable certificate)

  • HTTP 1.1 GET requests

  • URL is publicly accessible over the internet

  • Mime type must be set to application/json

  • No server-side rate limits

  • No server-side source IP firewall rules

  • content-type header must be set correctly including charset

  • example: Content-type: application/json; charset=utf-8

Requirements to response time:

  • Generally feeds should have a response time of less than one second.

Feed types

Currently the Unwired Cloud supports two feed types with text content: