Geo Feed


Feed specs for splash page/captive portal geo content overlays to the moving map.

Use cases

The typical use cases for these overlays are:

  • train and bus stations

  • POIs and tourist information

  • useful geo information


The content delivered by this spec is simple text content (refer to latest version Unwired Cloud splash page text feed specs) that is placed as an overlay on the splash page’s moving map widget.

The information contained in the overlays will be shown on the respective moving map widget of the splash page and is not device specific (i.e. it will be the same content for all devices that show a specific splash page).

Unwired’s central cloud services request feed data over HTTPS from specific feed sources described by an HTTPS URL. The data is then preprocessed and distributed to both Access Points (in case of Unwired Cloud access points with offline capabilities) or Unwired central cloud splash pages (in case of regular Unwired Cloud access points).

General specs HTTPS requests

URL and feed requirements

  • HTTPS (from publicly verifiable certificate)

  • HTTP 1.1 GET requests

  • URL is publicly accessible over the internet

  • Mime type must be set to application/json

  • No server-side rate limits

  • No server-side source IP firewall rules

  • content-type header must be set correctly including charset

    • example: Content-type: application/json; charset=utf-8

Requirements to response time

  • Generally feeds should have a response time of less than one second


Geo feeds include a list of points which specify additional information for the splash page’s moving map feature. These points will be shown on top of the moving map by placing an icon on the point’s latitude and longitude.

A text element with the point’s details must be specified for each point. This text element corresponds to the text property in the JSON specification for the Unwired Cloud splash page text feeds spec v1 in its latest minor release version.

The simple text feed content that is supported for each point in the geo feed supports very simple html formatted text content with support for images and linked offline content (e.g. MP3s, PDFs,…) and is similar to basic rich text or HTML.

The icon of each point is placed centered on the latitude and longitude location on the map.

For the specific properties please see the validations below.

Example JSON

  "apiVersion": 1,
  "points": [
      "lat": 48.37948424618319,
      "long": 16.308777423298913,
      "icon_url": "",
      "icon_width": 20,
      "text": {
        "en": "<h1>Castle Kreuzenstein</h1><p>Medieval castle with half-timbered buildings, open in summer, with guided tours &amp; an armory museum.</p>",
        "de": "<h1>Burg Kreuzenstein</h1><p>In idyllischer, weithin sichtbarer Lage erhebt sich die malerische Burg Kreuzenstein auf einer bewal>deten Anhöhe direkt über der Ortschaft Leobendorf, nur wenige Kilometer nördlich von Wien zwischen den Städten Korneuburg und Stockerau gelegen.</p>"
      "lat": 48.2171209133484,
      "long": 16.395674323300742,
      "icon_url": "",
      "icon_width": 20,
      "text": {
        "en": "<h1>Viennese Giant Ferris Wheel</h1><p>The Wiener Riesenrad, or simply Riesenrad, is a 64.75-metre tall Ferris wheel at the entrance of the Prater amusement park in Leopoldstadt, the 2nd district of Austria's capital Vienna. It is one of Vienna's most popular tourist attractions, and symbolises the district as well as the city for many people.</p>",
        "de": "<h1>Wiener Riesenrad</h1><p>Das Wiener Riesenrad im Prater im Gemeindebezirk Leopoldstadt ist eine Sehenswürdigkeit und ein Wahrzeichen Wiens. Es wurde 1897 zur Feier des 50. Thronjubiläums Kaiser Franz Josephs I. errichtet und war zur damaligen Zeit eines der größten Riesenräder der Welt.</p>"

Example JSON (empty feed)

  "apiVersion": 1,
  "points": []


  • apiVersion must be set to 1 (as a number, not a string)

  • points is an array and must not be null

    • if no points provided, specify []

    • each array value is an object of type Point, with these properties:

      • lat is a float number

      • long is a float number

      • icon_url is a string with an HTTPS URL to an SVG or transparent PNG icon file

      • icon_width is an integer property that specifies the width of the icon in browser pixels

      • text: please refer to the Unwired Cloud splash page text feed spec

Internationalization Validations

  • At least one language must be present

  • In order to correctly fall back to the default language, at least the splash page’s default language must be present (this is a splash page setting)

Linked resources in offline setups

Within Unwired Cloud access points in offline configuration, the first level of linked resources is fetched and stored with the feed content. This also includes the icon for each point.


<a href="https://url/to/an/audio/file.mp3">some audio file</a>

The example above links to an mp3 audio file, that will be stored with the feed content and will be available offline. This is supported for typical media types:

  • image/jpeg, image/png, image/gif, image/jpg

  • application/pdf

  • audio/mp4, audio/x-aiff

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